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ABOUT TWillustrator

TWillustrator specializes in visual storytelling, through free form illustration and prose. I will show the world who you are and what you stand for. Let me create your imagery or illustrate your walls and send your message. Having learned the power of bold statements by working directly with such visionaries as Calvin Klein and Donna Karan I believe in clear messaging and making the most of those precious 10 seconds we now have to captivate our audience. Collaborating with Concepts Paris, Wacoal America, Eastman Chemical, Beta Brand, Intima Magazine, O2Bra(China) and Lingerie Briefs has opened up a world of visual inspiration that can be shared.


We are inundated with photographs and paragraphs until the point we no longer notice them. I believe illustration captures our attention and rejuvenates the senses. The layers of life and experiences conveyed through illustration exceed the limits of photography budgets and  time restrictions. Intelligent use of color can set moods and change perceptions. I invite you to explore the options. You can see more on Instagram @tinadesignchef, and


Be well

Tina Wilson

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