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I was raised to love art. When I was young growing up in Detroit my mother would drive me for hours to weekend art classes, she would allow nothing to interfere with the journey, I owe her and my father everything. I had five sisters and brothers and we all received the nurturing we needed.  Art is inspiring, comforting, thought provoking and the key to communication. When I was in middle school I had one of my drawings hung in the Detroit Institute of Art, it was a ship drawn with the pointillism technique, I wish I had saved it.


I took the bus for an hour each day to attend Cass Tech High School where I majored in art, all forms of art such as graphic design, calligraphy, still life drawing, painting, and sculpture, it was heaven for a person who struggled with math as I did. I met lifelong friends who share the love of art with me and we all carry it throughout our lives. What I learned in high school helped me earn a full scholarship to Parsons School of Design where I majored in Fashion. I am currently the President of the Underfashion Club, a non profit with a mission to give scholarships to design students, I know what it means to be able to learn what you love free from financial strain.


I currently live in NYC where I write and illustrate my blog, consult, cook ( I see an illustrated cookbook in my future), and volunteer my time in the club.  If I were to live anywhere else in the world it would be Amsterdam…the Dutch know how to live and let live, words to live by.


Be Well

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